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What Is Hyundai Lane Keep Assist?

Hyundai Lane Keep Assist helps you stay within your lane should you get distracted and start to swerve. This intelligent system uses a high-tech sensor in the windshield to scan the road ahead, constantly monitoring the lane markers both left and right of the vehicle. When activated, a visual and audible Lane Departure Warning will sound anytime the vehicle veers out of its lane. Additionally, the vehicle may apply slight pressure on the steering wheel, correcting your path before it strays further. The system deactivates when the turn signals are activated, to ensure no unnecessary alerts or warnings. The Hyundai Lane Keep Assist system was designed to keep drivers safer when behind the wheel, especially at freeway speeds.

How to Activate Hyundai Lane Keep Assist

  1. Step inside your Hyundai and turn on the ignition.
  2. On the left side of your dashboard, press the Lake Keep Assist button. For reference, it will looks like the silhouette of a car with arrows around it.
  3. Confirm that the Lane Keep Assist icon has appeared on the instrument display.
  4. At speeds over 40 MPH and below 110 MPH, the Lane Keep Assist icon will light up green when you are operating safely within the lanes, indicating the system is active.

Should I buy a car with Lane Assist?

According to ScienceDirect, Lane Assist can reduce single-vehicle lane departure crashes by 66% by the year 2045. Road crashes are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. 94% of crashes that result in fatalities are due to human error.

With Lane Assist, a type of driving automation aimed at preventing such crashes and automotive accidents, drivers have a safety net. Lane Departure Warning systems could reduce crashes by nearly 340,000 in the United States every year if available on all vehicles.

Lane Assist is more than just a warning system. From Forward-Collision Warning to other Lane Assist systems, your safety is of the utmost importance when you get behind the wheel. Text messages, billboards, stray animals, GPS systems, and children in the backseat all provide ample distractions for drivers. Lane Assist in its various flavors can help prevent distraction-related fatalities.

Many of these features are available on the standard trim levels of many modern vehicles, speaking greatly to their importance and ability to save lives on American roadways every year. Keep you, your teenage drivers, and your children safe with this helpful piece of modern technology.

Will Lane Assist work in all weather conditions?

Lane Assist and other sensor systems may not work in all weather conditions, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still valuable. Consider the weather where to live and make a wish list of features when you are shopping for a new vehicle.

It’s impossible for sensor and camera systems on vehicles to work at optimum levels 100% of the time. Rain, snow, and other weather may delay or inhibit the sensors. Road conditions, such as potholes and asphalt cracks may also cause false alerts.

Similarly, on old roads or roads with less visible markings, Lane Assist may not be able to read lane markings. America’s infrastructure includes several different indicators of roadway edges in addition to the yellow stripe, such as raised dots on the pavement.

New Hyundai Vehicles With Lane Keep Assist

The Hyundai Lane Keep Assist system is just one of the many ways Hyundai is making cars and SUVs safer for everyone, and is now available on a number of new Hyundai models. For 2021, Hyundai Lane Keep Assist is available for the Kona, Tucson, Santa Fe, Veloster, and Elantra models. For more information on the Hyundai Lane Keep Assist system, or how to use it, give us a call at 361-444-0156 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable teammates. Also be sure to explore more exciting Hyundai features and technology, and view our new inventory to find your very own Hyundai with Lane Keep Assist technology today!

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